Chemical protection gloves

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Chemical hand protection

Chemical risk is very common and requires the use of safety gloves when handling dangerous chemicals . Chemical protection gloves are designed to prevent abrasive chemicals, especially in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, automotive and sectors where there is a laboratory.

There are several standards that talk about chemical protection gloves:

The EN 374-2 standard indicates the puncture resistance of protective gloves against chemical and biological environmental risks .

On the other hand, the EN 374-3 standard indicates the resistance to degradation and permeation of chemical protection gloves against chemical risks.

Types of chemical protection gloves

Chemical protection gloves are made of resistant materials such as latex or neoprene. These materials offer effective protection against numerous chemicals. They are gloves indicated to ensure protection against exposure to oils, fuels, solvents and greases. Although latex and neoprene may seem similar to the touch, their characteristics are different.

Latex is more resistant to cuts and abrasions than neoprene, but on the other hand, neoprene is more flexible and offers greater resistance to solvents, greasy, cautic and acidic substances.

If you are looking for resistant, long-lasting gloves when handling chemicals, they are a good option.

Gloves for the chemical industry

In the chemical industry there are risks that, without adequate protection, can cause damage. Safety gloves offer us protection when contacting aggressive substances. When we work with chemicals,

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If you need to buy chemical protective gloves , you will have to take into account the risk you want to prevent. Since each protective glove is different. Contact us so we can recommend the perfect glove for each sector.

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