Specific risk gloves

Selection of gloves for specific risks. We have different models of gloves for welders and electricians . If you have any questions, we recommend the gloves that best suit your business.

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Gloves for welders

Hazard-specific gloves are intended for welders who need superior protective gloves. At IMPOTUSA we have selected the best gloves for welders.

Protective gloves for welders prevent burns from molten metal drops on your hands. They also offer protection against mechanical attacks. They are a good ally for long work days as they guarantee maximum protection when welding.

Gloves for electricians

Gloves for electricians and activities where there is electrical risk must have a perfect grip to be able to work comfortably. They need to be flexible and puncture-resistant to prevent damage that small cables or wires can cause. It is important that the gloves are antistatic and offer protection against different voltages.

At IMPOTUSA we recommend that you choose the appropriate size before purchasing specific risk gloves so that you can carry out the activity comfortably. You have to keep in mind that this type of gloves (as a general rule) are intended for welders, although they can be used in other industries.

We also recommend using welding sleeves or protective sleeves to guarantee extra safety .