Protection gloves

Are you looking for protective gloves for your employees? In our catalog of protective gloves you will find the security you are looking for for your company. We have different models of work gloves from the best brands. We advise you to select the gloves that best suit your business.

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Protective gloves for work

What are protective gloves for? As their name indicates, protective gloves serve to protect us from the different dangers that we may face in our work environment.

Occupational safety is fundamental and that is why at Impotusa we have the most effective protective equipment (PPE) and we work with the leading brands on the market: Ansell , Honeywell , Homiba, Juba , Lacor ... and many more.

At Impotusa we have the protective gloves you need, for personal use or to ensure the safety of your employees. If you want to purchase your personal protective equipment , come in and discover our entire variety of types of protective gloves and the different models.

There are different types of risks and in each of them we will need specific safety gloves, such as: mechanical protection gloves , anti-cut gloves , gloves with chemical protection, gloves for protection against cold or heat , biological protection gloves ... for all those jobs that have a certain risk for employees.