fish knives

Do you need some good knives for your fish market ? In our online store you can buy knives to cut fish . We trust the Arcos brand because they are quality professional knives, although they can be used for domestic use.

The Arcos knife selection is perfect for a fish market or even a restaurant.

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Professional knives

Is there anything that makes us more angry than a knife that doesn't cut? We are clear about it, that is why we trust Arcos knives . The best knives for cutting raw fish or any type of food. The knife blade is made of stainless steel and includes an ergonomic handle in different colors. They are perfect for any fishmonger or even a restaurant.


Types of fish knives

Depending on whether you need to cut, clean, dice or fillet fish. The perfect knife does exist, it all depends on the use that is going to be given to it. We recommend the knives for professionals that are giving the best results to our clients.

  1. Knives for cleaning fish.
  2. Knives for butchering fish.
  3. Knives for filleting fish.


Tips on how to use knives

  1. Do not cut fish or any other food in an inappropriate place.
  2. Use a knife sharpener because an unsharpened knife with a thin blade is more dangerous than a sharp one.
  3. Use anti-cut protection gloves .
  4. Always store knives in sheaths to avoid unnecessary risks.