Disposable gloves

Are you looking for disposable gloves? We have nitrile and neoprene gloves for your company. We advise you to select the gloves that best suit your business.

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Disposable gloves are necessary to carry out certain jobs where hygiene is essential or where we will handle harmful elements that could damage our hands.

Disposable gloves can be made of different materials, such as latex gloves, the most common, they are tear-resistant and are used for feeding and cleaning activities. Disposable nitrile gloves are perfect for low-risk activities such as agriculture or cleaning, they lack latex so they are a perfect option for people allergic to said material and finally we have neoprene gloves that are the ideal alternative to the two mentioned above. for surgeons for their comfort.

At Impotusa we offer a wide variety of disposable gloves that adapt to the needs of each of our clients. Our disposable nitrile gloves are ideal and offer the greatest protection. Discover our wide range of disposable gloves at incredible prices.