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We present our selection of heat resistant protective mittens. If you need help with the choice, we help you in your purchase process.

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Use of mittens

Protective mittens are intended to protect the employee from fire. They are used in the bakery sector due to constant manipulation with hot objects. The purpose of mittens is to protect the palm of the hand from high temperatures.

Our safety mittens not only offer thermal protection for the hands . They also offer mechanical protection, thanks to the materials used in their manufacturing.

The materials used in protective mittens offer superior safety compared to other types of gloves. Each material used makes each mitten useful for an indicated activity.

Types of materials used in protective mittens:

    • Teflon lined prevents the absorption of fats and oils.
    • Leather provides mechanical and thermal protection, especially heat from contact.
    • Terry cotton offers good resistance to abrasion and cuts.
    • Kevlar® prevents heat through contact (up to 500ºC for 25, 37 seconds).

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