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When it comes to handling food, you need gloves that provide you with basic protection. Safety at work is as important as hygiene.

In the food preparation process , feeding gloves are usually used. Our gloves are suitable for use on foods that are difficult to handle.

If you need another type of glove, visit our disposable gloves section.

Nitrile gloves for food

The food industry, depending on the type of food, uses nitrile gloves for their protection and hygiene. Cleaning companies (even laboratories) also prefer them for their durability.
Nitrile gloves are more expensive than disposable gloves, but are more durable. They have a good grip on fatty foods or animal fats. In addition, they are safer for people allergic to latex, thanks to their composition. Nitrile is a perfect material for the food sector and the laboratory. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Recovery capacity.
  • Three times more resistant to punctures.

As you can see, the best feeding gloves are made with nitrile because it is harder and more resistant.

If you need different types of gloves for feeding , we recommend purchasing disposable gloves .