Cold protection gloves

If you are looking for protective gloves against the cold , we recommend our selection that will protect you from low temperatures. We advise you to select the gloves that best suit your business.

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Protection against extreme cold

There are times when you have to work in extreme conditions with temperatures lower than normal.

If you work in cold stores, the fishing industry, agriculture and outdoor jobs where the cold is an impediment... optimal protection can prevent your hands from freezing. With our protective gloves you can handle cold objects and maintain the body temperature of your hands. Cold protection gloves offer user comfort and protection at temperatures down to -30°C for brief or intermittent contact.

The characteristics that a glove against the cold must have to allow work in environments with low temperatures and humidity are:

  • They have to be waterproof, so no moisture can enter.
  • They have to comply with the EN 511 standard, which establishes the criteria for gloves to protect against the cold.
  • It is recommended that they have a cotton lining to help maintain body temperature.

We work with the best brands of gloves against the cold . Manufacturers carry out different testing methods to ensure that gloves resist contact cold.

Buy gloves to combat the cold

If your company needs protection against convective cold , we help you choose the best glove for the activity you are doing. We have a wide catalog of protective gloves that comply with current safety regulations.

We are sure that when you buy cold weather gloves at IMPOTUSA , you will have the best quality-price ratio. We work hard to ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order.